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Car Rental Information FAQ's - Some of the questions we have answered.


We are fully aware of the importance of your car rental to you. If you are travelling on business or for pleasure we want to ensure that you receive the very best service and vehicle possible. Please browse through the following Frequently asked questions if you are looking for further detail on your impending car rental. We look forward to assisting you. 

Are my booking details secure on this website?

Yes. We have a fully secure site. Irish Car Rentals use a 128 bit Thawte SSL Web Server to offer secure communications by encrypting all data exchanged to and from the booking form on the website. Because of this you can pass your credit card and personal details through our booking system with confidence. We have strict guidelines as to our client’s privacy and we will not pass on your details to any other party for any reason.

Basic Information- what happens when I submit a reservation?

When you click on the “submit” button you will receive your booking number beginning with “ICR” followed by a five (5) digit number e.g. ICR12563. You will automatically receive an email to the address you have supplied outlining your booking details. When you create a booking a secure email confirmation is sent to the Car Hire Ireland Irish Car Rentals reservation desk in Limerick, Ireland. The rental is then added to the system and the car is made available for hire. A 15% non-refundable booking deposit is charged to your credit card at this stage. Please ensure that you complete the Booking Form in Full, (paying particular attention when noting your Credit Card Details and Email address), and that you have ensured that you are aware of the costs involved. When you arrive at the rental desk at the airport you will sign a rental agreement, pay any local charges or additional costs, be taken to your vehicle and then be given any instruction on the vehicle as may be required. Once you have started to drive the car you are liable for any accidents, damage or other costs incurred until the vehicle is safely returned to the airport compound.

What kind of car can I expect?

We operate the most modern fleet of cars in Ireland and 95% of our vehicles will be under 6 months old. When you ask for a quotation you will see that there are often 2 or more models or makes offered within the "Car Group". Car Hire Ireland Irish Car Rentals cannot guarantee a particular make or model of car but we will guarantee a car within the "Car Group" will be available for collection as required. Specific requests for Cars with CD Players, airbags etc: and or other features cannot be guaranteed as being available but we will make every attempt to supply if you request them in the “additional comments” filed of the booking form. 

It is recommended that travellers with additional luggage such as Golf Clubs or Fishing equipment rent a vehicle one grade above the normal requirements shown on the quote form. If a renter has a specific requirement for options please state them in the comments box of the rental booking form. Irish Car Rentals will try to comply with any reasonable request but cannot guarantee availability of a specific model.

What Driver Information & drivers license requirements apply?

To rent a car clients must be in possession of a full unendorsed drivers licence (certain minor endorsements such as speeding are acceptable, and must have at least one years driving experience. International driver’s licenses MUST BE accompanied by the domestic license. (this is also stated on the international license). There is no need to have an international license if your domestic license is written in English or if the required information is shown in English.

The Minimum age to rent a vehicle is 23 years, maximum 75 years. Drivers under 25 or over 70 are subject to an insurance surcharge of EUR 8 per day and an insurance excess of EUR 1200; this excess may not be waived.

What is Included in EVERY rate with Car Hire Ireland Irish Car Rentals?

All our rates include Unlimited Free Mileage, VAT @12.5% (VAT is the local Sales Tax), Third Party Liability insurance and 24 AA Roadside assistance. Our system will automatically generate a rate inclusive of Auto rental insurance’s (Collision Damage Waiver and Theft Protection). You may choose to decline these insurance’s being included in the rate by ticking the “Waive CDW” option on the booking page. If you choose this option the main driver must be in possession of a MasterCard Gold or Platinum issued by a US Bank. Further information on this is available under the heading “MasterCard CDW waiver” down further.

If you choose a rate inclusive of Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft Protection (TP) insurance’s the following paragraphs explain the implications.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) Explained

Collision Damage Insurance covers damage to the rental car and limits the liability for damages to a vehicle whilst on hire.  In case of an accident resulting in damage to a rental vehicle the Customer is liable for the first EUR 600 of damage to the rental car. This liability of EUR 600 can be reduced to EUR 100 at an additional charge of EUR 8 per day. The excess on luxury cars, minivans and minibuses is EUR 1000 and can be reduced to EUR 100 for an additional charge of EUR 12 per day. These charges are collected at the point of collection by the reservations agent. Irish Car Rentals include CDW insurance in the quoted rate unless you indicate on the booking page that you do not wish to have this included. 

Theft Protection Explained

This is included in the rate (unless you indicate on the booking page that you do not wish to have this included) and covers the value of the car if it is stolen while in possession of the renter. The hirer is responsible for the excess insurance charges for the vehicle.

Customers are liable for the first EUR 600 of damage to the rental car Excess liability of EUR 600 can be reduced to EUR100 at a charge of EUR 8 per day. The excess on luxury cars, minivans and minibuses is EUR 1000 and can be reduced to EUR 100 for an additional charge of EUR 12 per day. This insurance does not cover for loss of personal possessions.

(For US Residents holding a MasterCard Gold or Platinum)

MasterCard CDW waiver

MasterRental Insurance may allow you to avoid the additional cost of the theft and collision damage waiver (CDW) for rental cars in some countries. This coverage is ONLY available with Gold or Platinum MasterCard's issued by US banks. If you pay for the entire rental with your eligible MasterCard card, you may be covered for up to $50,000 without excess. This is an insurance program; certain restrictions and exclusions apply. In order to establish if your MasterCard includes Auto Rental Insurance in the Republic of Ireland please call your credit card issuer and/or MasterCard at 1 800 6227747. This coverage is a service provided by MasterCard to the cardholder and therefore it is the cardholders responsibility to ensure that they are adequately covered for the entire duration of the rental period

Can I hire a baby seat?

Yes. Please indicate in the “additional comments” field on the booking for that you require a baby seat. Please advise us your child’s weight. The baby seat will be available when you arrive. An additional cost fee of EUR 6 per day, EUR 42 per week to a maximum cost of EUR 84 on any rental applies. INFO:  In the front seat all children must either be in a child seat or wear a seat belt. There are no exceptions to this rule. In the rear seat children less than four years must use an appropriate child restraint.  Children over 4 years must use an appropriate child restraint, where available, or a seat belt. Where airbags are fitted the renter should check the enclosed handbook about special precautions to be taken when using a child restraint in the front seat.

Can I drive my car into Northern Ireland?

Yes. If you wish to drive in Northern Ireland it is a requirement of rental that they inform Car Hire Ireland Irish Car Rentals that you wish to do so on collection of the vehicle. (usually at the airport desk) An additional charge of EUR 20 including Vat @12.5% applies. This is to extend the AA 24 hour roadside assistance to cover Northern Ireland and is compulsory. The renter is free then to drive throughout Northern Ireland. Cars can not be taken off the island of Ireland.

What is the Fuel Policy of Car Hire Ireland Irish Car Rentals?

Car Hire Ireland Irish Car Rentals supplies the rental vehicle full of fuel. The renter will be asked to pay a Fuel deposit at the rental desk varying from EUR 45 to EUR 100 depending on type of vehicle rented. This deposit will be fully refunded when the vehicle is returned full of Fuel to the rental depot.

How do I change or cancel my reservation?

If you wish to change or cancel your reservation please send an email to Car Hire Ireland Irish Car Rentals at the following email address  please mark on the subject line if you wish to “amend” or “cancel” the reservation. Please always note your reservation number on the email.

Can I travel out from one location and return the vehicle to another?

Yes.  Charges may apply for some locations. You can see what charges may apply if you calculate your rate on the booking engine at


Where do I go when I arrive at my destination?

DUBLIN AIRPORT: Pre-booked Car Hire Section, Arrivals Hall, Dublin Airport. Tel: + 353 1 8444199. Directions to our Dublin Airport desk: Turn right when you come out of baggage reclaim, walk all the way to the end of the terminal (passing some other car rental companies on your left). At the end of the terminal (near the bank machine) turn right again and you will see the Car Hire Ireland sign and our desk)

SHANNON AIRPORT : Tel: + 353 61 472649 (Main Arrivals Hall)


CORK AIRPORT: Pre-booked Car Hire Section, Arrivals Hall, Cork Airport. Tel: + 353 21 4318644. Directions to our Cork desk: Follow signs to CAR HIRE desks. Walk past all the other car rental companies and Car Hire Ireland Irish Car Rentals is the last desk in the line.

We deliver cars to many other locations including: Dublin City, Belfast Airports and City, Killarney town, Kerry Airport, Galway City and Airports, Knock Airport and Cork City. If you choose any one of these locations please ask our reservations team for the exact meeting point at each location. 

Will my personal Auto Policy cover me in Ireland?

We can not accept the insurance coverage of a hirer if his/her policy is not a fully comprehensive Irish policy. Insurance coverage from overseas companies or insurers s not accepted due to past problems we have had. This is normal policy for Irish Car rental companies.

Will My Credit Card Cover Me for CDW and Theft insurance’s?

The only credit card insurance that covers for Auto rental insurance in the Republic of Ireland is MasterCard Gold or Platinum (issued in the United States).  Please contact MasterCard direct to have this confirmed to you. Toll Free 1 800 622 7747

Do I Need Proof of MasterCard Insurance?

It is always best to receive written confirmation from MasterCard that you are covered. Please pay particular attention to the fine print in relation to the rental duration permitted.

What credit cards does Car Hire Ireland Irish Car Rentals accept?

Car Hire Ireland Irish Car Rentals accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Diners Club. We accept Irish Laser Cards but unfortunately we can not accept Switch cards for payment purposes.

What if I get a traffic violation while in possession of a rental vehicle?

If you get a traffic violation while in possession of a Car Hire Ireland Irish Car Rentals vehicle please advise our staff on return.

What happens if the car breaks down?

In the very unlikely event of a breakdown with Car Hire Ireland Irish Car Rentals help is never far away. You are covered by 24hour AA Roadside assistance insurance. Details of this service will be provided in the rental agreement wallet you receive on arrival

When do I have to include my credit card number?

We need your credit card number when you are booking the car. Please note the Car Hire Ireland Irish Car Rentals site is secure. Your personal details will not be shared with third Parties at any stage.

Can I take the seats out of a minivan?

Unfortunately this is not possible. By law the seats have to stay in the van. However Cargo vans are available on request. Please contact the reservations team.

Who do I contact if I have any questions after I have rented the car?

Full contact details are on your rental documentation. You can email Car Hire Ireland at   Please submit your booking or rental agreement number also.

What happens if I don’t like my car?

In the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied with your rental car please call the nearest office to you. The telephone numbers will be supplied to you on arrival

How old are the vehicles in your fleet?

On average vehicles are less that six months old. Every effort is made to have the best vehicle available.

What do I do if I lock my keys in the car, get a flat tire or break down?

Every Car Hire Ireland Car is covered by a 24-Hour AA Roadside assistance policy. The Free phone details in Ireland are available with your rental agreement when you pick the car up. Car Hire Ireland has a specific Policy with the AA in Ireland (The AA in Ireland is similar to “AAA” in the U.S.)

What do I do in the event of an accident?

In the event of a traffic accident please notify Car Hire Ireland Irish Car Rentals as soon as possible Contact the Irish Police (Gardai) on 999 and ensure that the police (Gardai) are called, so that they can report the accident. Do not admit liability at any stage.

How much does petrol cost in Ireland ?

Petrol varies around the country, but generally costs between .Euro 0.80 and Euro 0.90  per litre.

Should I Hire a Manual or Automatic?

If you drive a stick shift at home and are well used to it, you should have no trouble in Ireland, except that the gear stick is on your left-hand side. With the small country roads and all the hills in Ireland it is sometimes better to have automatic.

Is the local tax (VAT) included in my rates ?

Yes. The rate is at 12.5%. This can not be claimed back by non-US Nationals as car rental is a service not a product.

Can I extend my rental dates?

Yes. You can call the nearest Car Hire Ireland car rental location to extend your rental. Our phone number will be on the rental agreement.

Can I tow with a rental car?

Unfortunately this is not permitted. Towing is a violation of the rental agreement and is not permitted under any circumstances

Can I rent a car with a roof rack or bike rack?

Unfortunately roof racks and bicycle racks are not available for hire and may not be attached to the rental car.

What if I have another question?

If you have another question please email our reservations team We will be more than happy to assist


We have provided some very useful information on this website in respect of Roadsigns, Driving Information and other useful resources. Should you need further information or want one of our expert Car Rental staff to contact you please do not hesitate to contact us.